Heroes and Villains of Cryptoverse


Former heroes turn into villains and then turn into heroes again as people seem to forget easily. Scammers and fraudsters steal billions one day and the next day they are defended by media that they paid off before. Others are eager to absolve themselves by pointing their fingers at the supposed larger villains while tweeting from Dubai and Bali from their yachts.

Influencers and god-tier traders finally reveal their faces during collapse as they do everything to make people forget about what they were shilling only a couple of months ago and even feast on the victims by impersonating Bahamian residents.

Meanwhile, the truth is that what happens on-chain stays on-chain and even the largest villains cannot hide from on-chain detectives and from Twitter-archiving services.

People are eager to find new heroes, flocking to false idols or to clowns who seems to be loudest in the cryptoverse and, over time, as well the old villains are recycled as new heroes and everything is forgotten.

After all, the people need to make everything back in the next cycle and become rich.

HaVoC NFT collection with its 19 base characters and 5555 items serves as a permanent reminder to the cryptoverse havoc of 2022 and will live on forever, unlike deleted tweets or shredded company records.

The NFTs are just a start – an introduction of the main characters of a larger cryptoverse story. Of course, any resemblance to the real world is purely coincidental.