Heroes and Villains of Cryptoverse


Heroes and Villains of Cryptoverse (HaVoC) is a funny reminder to the rise and fall of various villains but also to many former and current heroes. They will become part of the permanent history on-chain and live forever.

HaVoC will focus on bringing virtual and real-life social, art and educational experiences.

March 2023

Collection launch (Ethereum)

via Teritori launchpad

Link to NFT minting page

After completion of minting

Lottery with 10 ETH prize

All holders will be able to participate in the lottery and win 10 ETH.

Holders can maximise their chances in the lottery by holding more than 1 HaVoC NFT.

Q2 – Q3 2023

Museum of History of Crypto and Web3 (Metaverse)

Free entry for holders

Holders will be able to mint museum tickets and sell them on secondary markets (or transfer them)